Just Another Cover Story – Massive Attack, Blondie, ect.

”The hunter gets captured by the game” is a love song written Smokey Robinson, first recorded by The Marvelettes in 1966, the song did fairly well, peaking at no.2 on the US Souls/R&B chart.
The song have been covered numerous times.

In 1974 the track was recorded again by Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead fame. Garcia keeps the fundamentals of the original,but with a destinctly “European/American” twist and a rock guitar solo.
(Video N/A)

Grace Jones, 1980 version, is transformed into an up-beat dance track, as so often before Jones use a Jamaican reggae like beat, nice and easy. Feel good music, no more, no less.

Blondie’s 1982 version is darker, more dangerously sexual, the lightness is gone, the production larger and very 80’s.

1995’s Massive Attack version, with the supreme Tracey Thorn, wow, now this track blows, the sadness always hidden in Thorns vocal, combined with Massive Attacks dark beautiful trippy mix. It brings something very new to the track, now it a very sad love song, very deep and emotional.


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