Hidden 80′s Gems – Part 5 1985

1985 hmm….quite a few good albums, but not much I feel like writing about today, may get back to some of them later. Like Kate’s Hounds of Love, The Sun City Project or Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers “The Firm”. Might have picked Art Zoyd’s “Le Mariage Du Ciel Et De L’Enfer”, but I did not, because I want to make a series about the RIO/Avant movement later.
What I will do instead, is point the light in a completely new direction, look at one of the notable modern composers in classical music, the minimalistic mastermind, Steve Reich.

“New York Counterpoint” for amplified clarinet and tape, or 11 live clarinets and bass clarinet, was written in 1985, intended to capture the rapid beat of life on Manhattan. The Piece consists of 3 movements.

Reich cites J.S. Bach, Debussy, Bartók, and Stravinsky as composers to have influenced him. Two of the earliest influences on his work from Jazz, were vocalists Ella Fitzgerald and Alfred Deller.
He is noted to have influenced, American composer John Coolidge Adams. Progressive rock musicians Brian Eno, and Robert Fripp, Avant-garde band Residents, Post rockers “Godspeed You! Black Emperor” and many other experimental and electronic musicians.


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