Remedy Lane

Pain of Salvation, is a band from Eskilstuna, Sweden. Even though it would be fair to say Pain of Salvation is a Progressive Metal band, with their ever changing approach to music, they land pretty far for the genre stereotype. From the more metal oriented albums, to the extreme complex “BE” about the concept of GOD/Universe ect. , including a 9 piece classical orchestra, to the latest albums duo, Road Salt I and Road Salt II, where they explore a more blues rooted rock, and a bit of gospel, combined with some Prog Rock elements, but not a lot of metal.

All of Pain of Salvation albums are concept albums, although more or less obvious. This also goes for the albums in question here, Remedy Lane from 2005, center around bandleader Daniel Gildenlow more or less autobiographical lyrics. Daniel Gildenlow vocal is very passionate and strong, sometimes reminding a little bit of Mike Patton.

Remedy Lane is a clear highpoint in Pain of Salvation production, an atypical Prog Metal album, with the weight, on emotions and strong songwriting, rather than on showing of technical abilities.
Pain of Salvation is definitely worth digging into, whether as a representative of today’s very developed Swedish Prog Rock scene, or as an alternative to more traditional (Prog) Metal.


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