One of the first albums, that comes to mind, whenever I hear of the German so called Krautrock scene, is Guru Guru’s Känguru (1972). With its humorous cover, its heavy psychedelic jams and experiments, but also its catchier blues vibes. Känguru is a brilliant album, and a fine example of Kraut from one of the very early Krautrock bands.

Formed in 1968 as “The Guru Guru Groove”, and debuting in 1970 with UFO. Guru Guru is still active to this day, although many personnel changes have been made along the way, and different musical challenges have been explored. The driving force behind the band is drummer and vocalist, Mani Neumeier, already an established Jazz drummer at the time of the bands formation.

Mani Neumeier, have collaborated with a series of artist, mainly of German and Japanese origin, Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Acid Mothers Temple, Harmonia and Jazz musicians Irène Schweizer and Peter Brötzmann amongst others.

Acid Mothers Guru Guru (live 2009) : Makoto Kawabata – Mani Neumeier – Atsushi Tsuyama


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