Contributions by Robert (part II)

Discovering where Fripp has just participated on a few tracks, as a guest guitarist.

In 1979 Fripp played on one track at Walter Steding’s self titled album.
Walter was an avant-garde punk violinist, working in the late 70’s early 80’s New York Punk/New Wave scene. Warhol invited Steding to perform at The Factory and they became friends, Walter was later painting assistant to Warhol. But his musical efforts was not leading him to any success, and he seems mostly forgotten today.

While former XTC keyboardist Barry Andrews joined Fripp for his 1980 “The League of Gentlemen” project, Fripp participated on Barry Andrews 1980 single “Rossmore Road” and the B-side “Win A Night Out With A Well Known Paranoiac”. Andrews later formed “Shriekback” with Dave Allen from “Gang of Four” and others.

The Flying Lizards was a late 70’s early 80’s Heavily Experimental Pop/New Wave act, but not a band in the usual sense of the word, The Flying Lizards were more of a brainchild of David Cunningham, a well-respected avant-garde composer, producer, and visual artist. With a single “money” and a first self-titled albums, doing fairly well, The Flying Lizard was signed for another Virgin album, “Fourth Wall”. Fripp participated on two tracks and co-wrote the track “Lost And Found”.


4 thoughts on “Contributions by Robert (part II)”

  1. Yes – but I have never heard that album !
    On the other hand i have got The Roches “Keep on Doing” CD, where Fripp preform on most, if not all tracks, Terry was also singing on FRIPP’s “Exposure” on “Mary”, “Exposure”, “I’ve Had Enough of You”, and “Chicago” dobbelt disk bonus version
    So there is a full post in “The Roches”


  2. In an instance of serendipity, I pulled out the first self-titled album by The Roches just after reading your post. Amongst the quirky female vocal harmonies (a la the McGarrigle sisters) is one track where they are accompanied by none other than Mr Robert Fripp along with Tony Levin and Larry Fast. Just the one piece, “Hammond Song”. My favourite on the album.


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