An Italian Masterpiece

Not only is Italian Band “Il Balletto Di Bronzo” second album “Ys” from 1972, one of the forgotten rarities of Italian 70’s Rock, but it is also of a musically quality and skill , right up there with the very best progressive band of the period, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Yes and Genesis ect. ect.
“Ys”, however is a demanding album, and definitely not the easiest album, out of the Italian Progressive Scene, it is somewhat dissonant here and there, and it’s musically equilibrium forces you to follow closely.

Il Balletto di Bronzo was formed in Naples in the late sixties, by vocalist/guitarist Marco Cecioni, bassist Miky Cupaiolo, drummer Gianchi Stinga, and guitarist Lino Aiello. In 1971 Cecioni and Cupaiolo left the band and was replaced by bassist Vito Manzari and classically trained keyboardist/Vocalist Gianni Leone, formerly of Citta Frontale. On Ys spiced with female vocalist Daina Dini.

Ys is a very special album, complex, dark and scary, but also very beautiful at times, an Italian classic masterpiece of 70’s Progressive Rock, filled with stunning keyboards and mellotron parts and haunting guitar, on a solid rhythm section. The vocal language is Italian, just adding to its weirdness (unless of course you understand Italian)


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