The John Paul Jones Story, Part 2

If you want to read the first part

John Paul Jones is best known playing Bass and Keybords in Led Zeppelin, but he is a true  multi-instrumentalist, playing a wide range of instruments: harp, double bass, varius types of mandolin, guitar, recorder, koto, lap steel guitar, continuum, autoharp, ukulele, sitar, keyboard guitar, banjo, saxophone, flute, viola, cello, violin, harmonica, pedal steel guitar.

John Paul plays mandolin on Zeppelins “That’s the Way” from 1970.

On Led Zeppelins “Kashmir” John Paul arranged session players for the string and horn sections, but he also used the mellotron, which was part of making “Kashmir” one of the few Zeppelin tracks, in what you might call the progressive rock genre.

John Paul : bass guitar, mellotron, and the arrangement of strings and horn, on Zeppelins “Kashmir” recorded 1974

On what was to become Led Zeppelin’s last album “In Through the Out Door” Jones took a more active part in songwriting, he had been co-writing tracks before, but it was the first album, where some songs was written only by Jones and Plant, Page and Bonham was less active, most likely due to drug and alcohol addictions.

South Bound Saurez (Jones/Plant) John Paul Jones : bass guitar, “honky-tonk” piano


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