The John Paul Jones Story Part 4

In 1988 John Paul Jones created a track for Brian Eno’s “MUSIC FOR FILMS III” an album that contains ambient tracks from different artists (Daniel Lanois, Michael Brook, Harold Budd ect.), In 1992 Jones plays Piano on a track from Eno’s “Nerve Net.”

Jones with Eno, Fripp, and others on Nerve Net.

In late 1990, Jones produced, engineered, and performed most instruments, on his daughter Jacinda Jones album, recorded at Peter Gabriel‘s Real World Studio, but the album was never released. In 1992 Jones performed on a track from Peter Gabriel’s album US.

Jones : surdu, bass, keyboards. From “US”

Also in 1992 Jones made all the orchestral arrangements for R.E.M.’s  “Automatic for the People”, and produced alternative rock band Butthole Surfers “Independent Worm Saloon”.

Jones : Bass on Butthole Surfers “The Ballad of Naked Man”


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