Ten Seconds… of Frippotonic Rieflinism

Friday is Fripp Day Lets go totally Fripp Guitarist/Singer Bill Forth and Keyboard player Jeff Fayman created the demo. The two contacted different labels, some labels seemed to like the music, but they were not able to sign. Mark Perry of (Robert Fripp’s) Possible Productions finally expressed interest in distributing the music, and when David … Continue reading Ten Seconds… of Frippotonic Rieflinism

Fripp and Steven Wilson, No-Man : Flowermouth

Friday is Fripp day Turn the lights down please, relax, lay back and Fripp ! If you discover No-Man today, it will most likely be because you know about Porcupine Tree, and/or Steven Wilson, and find out that he has got this “side” project going called No-Man. The truth is, it is not a side … Continue reading Fripp and Steven Wilson, No-Man : Flowermouth

David Sylvian and Robert Fripp

Friday is Fripp day So lets Fripp out. Fripp and Sylvian had been working together on some of Sylvians solo albums and in 1993 they did an album together as “David Sylvian and Robert Fripp”, The First Day. With former Peter Gabriel drummer Jerry Marotta, and Fripp’s “guitar craft” student Trey Gunn, who had also … Continue reading David Sylvian and Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp – exposure trilogy

My first blog will be about the stunning Robert Fripp Exposure project. Resulting in some interesting album, in the later part of the 70’s. The trilogy was never as he intended, especialy due to the late release of SS, but its still easy to find a lot of similarities between the albums. Daryl Hall, Sacred … Continue reading Robert Fripp – exposure trilogy

June part II

40 years ago – June 1978 Box office high score trucker movie Convoy starring Kris Kristofferson & Ali MacGraw was released. That was obviously hugely overshadowed by the release of Romantic musical-comedy Grease released the same month, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. The soundtrack as you may well know did rather well too. Dead … Continue reading June part II

Woman’s Boat and Lifeforms

1994 was a wonderful active year for Fripp, contributing to Damage – Live , Flowermouth  and Sidi Mansour but that is not all. Together with a star cast is names like Peter Gabriel, Trey Gunn and David Rhodes, Fripp contributed to Toni Childs album “The Woman’s Boat” on several tracks. The album features a rich world music … Continue reading Woman’s Boat and Lifeforms


On 13 January 2017, Swedish band Pain of Salvation released In the Passing Light of Day, a concept album based around the true story of bandleader Daniel Gildenlöw hospitalization due to a deadly streptococcal infection, and the reflections it created in him. I’m always careful about overpraising a relative new release, but in this case … Continue reading Connections

Contributions by Robert (part IV)

In 1992 Fripp contributed to David Cunningham’s “Water” on a single track “Stars” – the saxophone player is Peter (Laurence) Gordon. Fripp had already been involved with contributions to Cunningham’s group “The Flying Lizard” back in 1981. This time the music was more ambient and minimalistic.   Also in 1992 Fripp contributes on English electronic group … Continue reading Contributions by Robert (part IV)