The Three String Double Bass

Usually when I think of bass as a solo instrument what pop up will be the modern Jazz bassist, especially Jaco Pastorius or Stanley Clarke, there are also a few very good solo bassist rooted in rock, my favorite clearly Tony Levin. And there are even entire albums dedicated only to the Bass, as an … Continue reading The Three String Double Bass

Hidden 80′s Gems – Part 7 1987

Robbie Robertson Who dosent like dipping into those studio album with an dream casting of artists, and that is what we got with Robbie Robertson’s self titled solo album, from 1987. I had no problems chosing this album as my 1987 gem, it’s a perfect example of late 1980’s new wave sound, its not that … Continue reading Hidden 80′s Gems – Part 7 1987

June part II

40 years ago – June 1978 Box office high score trucker movie Convoy starring Kris Kristofferson & Ali MacGraw was released. That was obviously hugely overshadowed by the release of Romantic musical-comedy Grease released the same month, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. The soundtrack as you may well know did rather well too. Dead … Continue reading June part II