Ulver : “Providence”

“Masters of Darkness” – Part 2 Norwegian band Ulver have allways been very unpredictable. From black metal to soundscapes, from symphonic to noise, a musical evolution and experimentation you find in very few bands. with a heavy reliance on electronic recording techniques. The only clear line, is that they are almost always dark and melancholic. … Continue reading Ulver : “Providence”

Guapo – Elixirs from R.I.O

Guapo is a British experimental rock band formed by drummer Dave Smith and guitarist/vocalist Matt Thompson, joined by Guy Siddle also known as “Pid” they released their first CD “Towers Open Fire” in 1997. The album is sophisticated hardcore/punk, quite interesting, but not really symptomatic of the Guapo that I’m writing about today. The first … Continue reading Guapo – Elixirs from R.I.O

The Blake Album

“The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” is an illustrated book by the influential English poet William Blake created 1790 to 1793 “Themes from William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” is an 1998 album by Ulver, sometimes reffered to as just “The Blake Album” where the illustration’s by Blake is replaced by music, the text/lyrics … Continue reading The Blake Album

Opeth – unspoiled beautiful, youthfully brutal

“Masters of Darkness” Part 3 Today Opeth have changed a lot since they were formed back in the mid 90’s. But in this context of Scandivavian darkness, I will focus on the Opeth sound we hear on the early albums, they created between 1995 and 1996, their debut “Orchid”, and “Morningrise”, this is the virgin … Continue reading Opeth – unspoiled beautiful, youthfully brutal