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Billion dollar Horror Baby

Glam Rock part IV
In the late 60’s early Seventies Alice Cooper got the idea of an atypical glam rock approach, a horror movie inspired Shock Glam Show and image, they impressed Frank Zappa at an audition, and got a record deal on his label. Alice Cooper released two unsuccessful albums, “ We were into fun, sex, death and money when everybody was into peace and love”.

Billion Dollar Babies 1973

Their 3.rd album “Love it to Death” 1971, was a change in style, from a Pink Floyd inspired psychedelic style of rock, they changed into a short track rock style, more in line with the style of Rolling Stones, The Who or even Beatles. The album became them their first hit, with single “I’m Eighteen”, and now Alice Cooper got a gigger contract, had developed a full blown Horror stage show, and continued to have successful albums and singles, first a major single hit with School’s Out, from 1972, the year after a major album hit with “Billion Dollar Babies” making album chart no.1 in both US and UK.

Schools Out

At this point Alice Cooper was renowned for their stage shows, the combination of offensive lyrics, with undertones of sex and violence, combined with theatrical horror shows with torture instruments, beheaded mannequins and so on , Alice Cooper was as political incorrect as they could possibly by, making them just even more popular with the fans, and hated by the kids parents, not to mention everyone trying to make rock music serious and intellectual.

Steven, Originally From “Welcome to my Nightmare 1975”

Alice Cooper made it look so easy, that we tend to forget how ahead of his (their) time this was, and how influential Coopers stage presence would be on generations to come, so many acts have taken inspiration from his stage shows, from Glam via Punk to Metal, many different bands have covered his songs, and even Bob Dylan have stated Alice Cooper to be an overlooked songwriter. Salvador Dali was a fan, and made a hologram : “first Cylindric Chromo-Hologram Portrait of Alice Cooper’s Brain”.

Wake the Dead from Along came a spider, 2008, (feat. Ozzy Osbourne) fan made video
Alice Cooper have continued creating albums and touring into the new millennium, he is also openly working with helping other Rock musicians out of drug and alcohol abuse.
From: Billion Dollar Babies 1973