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If you listen


I first heard about Amos Lee in 2008 where his album Last Days at the Lodge got a brilliant 6/6 star review in my local music magazine GAFFA. The album turned out to be just as good as the review predicted and now almost 10 years later it is just as great as first time.

Amos Lee is able to create what I would call a seemingly simple rustic and underproduced sound, to match his no less that supreme vocals. Often the music is low pace, but there are a few just a little rockier tracks.

Amos Lee’s next album was Mission Bell from 2011, the album had a lot of guests vocalists. I don’t know if that is the reason why this album, besides having some very strong moments did not hit me nearly as hard as the previous one, but it never seemed to be an album in my mind more a lot of tracks.

That said “Windows Are Rolled Down” is a wonderful song and not the only one.

Amos have made albums before and after, but those are the once I know well.