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Anna Bon – Classical female composers – part one.

In the process of creating my post about Don Juans Reckless Daughter.

I came to think about the fact, that from all the great classic composers, I could not think of a single female. So I thought I would dig a bit into the subject, and look for interesting classical music, composed by women.

“Anna Bon di Venezia” (aprox. 1739-??) is the name often used for a female Italian composer known in the eighteenth century just as Anna Bon. She Studied music, at “The Ospedale della Pietà”, a convent, orphanage, and music school in Venice (known for one of its teachers Antonio Vivaldi, but he left about the time Anna was born). She was studying at “The Ospedale” from about 1743, four years old !!, to the end of 1754, fourteen years old.

In 1756, Anna joined her parents at the court of Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth and Princess Wilhelmine of Prussia; She held the post of ‘chamber music virtuosa’ at the court, and dedicated her six flute sonatas (op. 1), to Friedrich. The sonatas were composed at the age of sixteen.

Anna composed Six Sonatas for harpsichord, Op. 2 (1757) and Six Divertimenti (Trio Sonatas) for two flutes and continuo, Op. 3 (1759), before she had reached the age of 20. A few other works are known, and there may well have been more.

By 1767, Bon had married to an Italian singer and settled, nothing is known of her whereabouts afterward.

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