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Discipline & Indiscipline

Friday is Fripp day
What a Fripp
Time to dance the Fripp.
Sometimes when I think of something to be just too great, its often something I have listened too many many times. Then I also think everyone else has and know all about it, as if it was The Beatles, Pink Floyd or Mozart. The thing is, that may often not be the case, just because I know Discipline by King Crimson, and have listened to it crazy many times, it’s not the case for everyone. If You dont, here is the chance to change that.
An album elevating the consept of Rock Music.
Elephant Talk

Stylistically the new King Crimson, is a style of music in its own, explored over three albums in the early 80’s. Having some connection what Talking Heads, David Bowie and Peter Gabriel did at the same time, but with a level of complexity on one side and minimalism on the other, that is very King Crimson, and especialy this short lived version of King Crimson.
Frame By Frame

After dropping King Crimson in 1974, Fripp did a lot of other things for the duration of the 70’s, but in 1980 he called King Crimson ex. drummer Bill Bruford, to form a new band called Discipline, they agreed to do something together. Fripp called guitarist Adrian Belew, at the time known for his work with Frank Zappa, Talking Heads and David Bowie, Belew was happy to be part of the team, he was younger, and knew of Fripp and Bruford as Progressive Rock giants.

Fripp and Bruford went to New York, making auditions for a Bass player, a tape with a recording of a 17/8 riff, was played during audition, as to check if the bassist’s would be Discipline materiel, they should be able to play the riff. On the 3.rd day of audition Tony Levin came in, Fripp knew him from playing together at Peter Gabriel’s albums I II and III, the case was settled, Fripp later commented, that he would have expected Tony to be too busy; otherwise he would have called him without hesitation. Levin was known to also play the Chapman stick, something that would suit the project very well.

Even though Fripp was unsure about the idear of renaming the Project, King Crimson, the Americans did not like “Discipline”, as that was not a term ringing well in their ears, not friendly, and Bruford would agree : Robert will talk endlessly about icons and things, but to us plain Englishmen it just seems a very good idea. In the end while still touring, they changed the band name from Discipline to King Crimson. The album was released in September 1981
The Sheltering Sky


Bruford – Plays the Jazz drums.

Bill Bruford have been a dominant figure in Progressive Rock, taking part in a lot of projects, especialy known for his work on what most consider the highlights of Yes albums from 1969-1972, ”Fragile” ”Close to the Edge” ect.ect. ; But what i will talk about today, is Bruford as a Jazz drummer.
From ”A Part, and Yet Apart” 1999

Bruford started his recordings of Jazz albums in 1978 with ”Feels Good to Me”, his solo project with a supergroup of tallented musicians, guitarist Allan Holdsworth, vocalist Annette Peacock, and other notable names. The album was in an experimental fusion style.
From ”A Part, and Yet Apart” 1999

Bruford continued his work with fussion Jazz over a series of albums under the ”Bruford” band name, before reforming King Crimson from 1981-1984, then started a new Jazz band in 1987, Earthworks.
It was with Earthworks, that he graduately moved towards a more traditional style of Jazz.
”From Feels Good To Me” 1978