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Stan Getz & Bill Evans

The Jazz album I have listened to the most in 2013:
Stan Getz & Bill Evans.
Cover 1988 CD version
Stan Gets

This studio recordings was made in May 5-6 1964, but apparently neither Getz nor Evans, was happy with the result, and for various reasons, the recordings was not released until 1973. But I love this album, its laid back and melodic jazz , perfect for a Sunday morning coffee, music for a candlelight dinner, or a very late night just before bedtime.

Japanese CD cover (based on original vinyl cover)

Bill Evens 1929-1980, born William John Evans, in New Jersey, was one of the greatest Jazz pianists of all times, I the late 50’s he joined the famous Miles Davis sextet, co-writing the milestone album “kind of Blue”. Although he was very innovative in his style, Evans was always playing a classic Jazz, never the new movements like jazz fusion or free jazz.

Stanley Getz 1927-1991, born in Pennsylvania. Was a prominent American Jazz tenor saxophonist, after playing with several bands in the 40’s (starting at the age of 17), he moved to Scandinavia, playing cool jazz with Oscar Peterson and many others, after returning to US in 1961, he became a front man in introducing latin jazz (bossa nova), and made several gold disc’s in the style, before he went back to playing cool jazz. In 1972 he recorded a fusion album, Captian Marvel, with Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and others.

The rest of the group was Ron Carter/Richard Davis on bass, Elvin Jones on drums