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Contributions by Robert (part III)

Ronnie Urini

In 1984 Fripp played mellotron on Austrian new wave/postpunk band “Ronnie Urini & die letzten Poeten” 7″ single 1001 Nacht.

Robert Fripp married English singer and actress Toyah Ann Willcox in 1986, so it would be only natural that he would appear on some of her work. That happened for the first time on her second solo album Desire from 1987, Toyah and Fripp have worked together many times since then.

TOYAH & THE HUMANS (Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong) with Fripp (2009)

“Fun Factory” is a single by English Punk band “The Damned”, released in 1990. “Fun Factory”, was recorded back in 1982 but was not released because Damned’s record company Bronze Records went bankrupt in 1983. The track was not on a “Damned” album, but has been issued on several compilations. Fripp plays Guitar on the track.




Ten Seconds… of Frippotonic Rieflinism

Friday is Fripp Day
What a Fripp
Lets go totally Fripp

Guitarist/Singer Bill Forth and Keyboard player Jeff Fayman created the demo. The two contacted different labels, some labels seemed to like the music, but they were not able to sign. Mark Perry of (Robert Fripp’s) Possible Productions finally expressed interest in distributing the music, and when David Singleton played the tapes for Fripp, he decided to release it.

Robert Fripp and drummer Bill Rieflin of Ministry, joined in on the studio recordings, with a few other studio musicians, and what we got, was the one shot wonder, Ten Seconds.

The album is a hard cocktail of Industrial noise rock with catching melodies, and something very Fripp . Crimson’ish sounds and Fripp’s soundscapes are giving the project its feel, but at the same time it is clearly a very unique album, unlike anything else Fripp has been involved in.

Friday is Fripp day

What a Fripp

So lets Fripp out !!
Today with a few track’s from Rieflin ,Fripp ,Gunn : “The Repercussions Of Angelic Behavior”
Robert Fripp and Trey Gunn was both involved with Bill Rieflin’s solo album “Birth of a Giant” (1999), and in the process of making that album, they did some extra sessions together, resulting in “The Repercussions Of Angelic Behavior”.
The Album is a pleasant travel in the realms of Jazz Fusion, with a very clear Fripp signature. Avant-garde in the true sense of the word. There is no liner notes (apart from : ““random play is required for full effect”) but I believe it’s safe to say, a lot of this was improvised.

Rieflin is an American drummer who have worked with a lot of Experimental/Industrial rock bands, Ministry, Swans, Nine Inch Nails, R.E.M., King Crimson, and many more.

Gunn is mostly known as a member of King Crimson since 1994, but have worked with a lot of other musicians : Tool, Puscifer, Gordian Knot, David Sylvian, John Paul Jones (Ex Led Zeppelin), Eric Johnson ect.
He has released a number of solo albums.