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Vernon (Part 2)

If you havent already, read part one first.
Vernon spend 3 months in his father’s cottage in Wisconsin from November 2006, to find himself, after the break with his girlfriend, and his band at the time DeYarmond Edison, where he recorded the tracks that would lead to his major success, using a technic of extreme amounts of overdubbing, he founded the project Bon Iver in his solitude. Adding only drums, trumpet, trombone and additional vocals later, Bon Iver was born with the debut “For Emma, Forever Ago” first released in 2007.
Bon Iver, From : For Emma, Forever Ago, 2007

PELE members form Collection of Colonies of Bees in 1998, with the intension to explore traditional folk/bluegrass instrumentation, and combine it with modern processing and technology, but over the years transformed and played many forms of electronic and acoustic rock. Music that spawn the interest of Vernon and let to the collaboration, continued to this day.
From Collection of Colonies of Bees, Birds ,2008

Vernon himself started out by forming DeYarmond Edison in 2002, playing Folk Rock/Americana with some local success, making two albums self-released albums in 2004 and 2005.
From Deyarmond Edison, Silent Signs, 2006

On another side note, Vernon took part in the recording of Anaïs Mitchell’s folk opera Hadestown, the Opera is a remake of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, where Vernon plays the leading male character Orpheus, Anaïs Mitchell plays Eurydice.
Anaïs Mitchell, From Hadestown, 2010

The B-side of Bon Iver’s grammy nominated single “Holocene” was a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Come Talk to Me”, to return the favour of Peter Gabriel recording a cover of “Flume” from “For Emma…”,for his Scratch My Back album.
Bon Iver, B-side from Holocene single.

Vernon (Part 1)

Most people know Bon Iver’s self-titled album from 2011, to the point where it would make little sense to make a post about it now. So that is not the point here, but there is more to the story than that.
From Volcano Choir : Repave 2013

Latest “Volcano Choir” and their Repave album, released September last year. “Volcano Choir” is a collaboration between Justin Vernon, later frontman of Bon Iver and members of Collection of Colonies of Bees, starting back in 2005. Colonies of Bees itself a sideproject of “Pele” members, Chris Rosenau and Jon Mueller, “Pele” disbanded in 2004, but “Colonies of Bees” was continued.
From Volcano Choir : Repave 2013

To fully understand the music of Volcano Choir, it is also interesting to listen to the other related music, besides that of Bon Iver, so what was PELE about, they have been described as a post rock band, and even a bit atypical post rock, due to the fact that they flirted with Jazz elements.
From Pele : Teaching the History of Teaching Geography (1998)

Where Bon Iver, is basicly a one man project, Volcano Choir is a Band effort, albums are slowly formed of the creative process between the members, and it has taken years to create each of the two existing albums. The First album “Unmap” was released in 2009 after 4 years of collaboration, and another 4 years went by, before the release of “Repave”.
From Volcano Choir : Unmap 2009

To Be Continued