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Looking at you kid

In my series of early 70’s masterpieces we are usually swimming in prog rock waters, but this one is a quite different story. Some would claim it to be prog, as they would with any album they like from the 70’s, but to be honest the only thing very “prog” was the producer, former Crimson lyricist Peter Sinfield.

Roxy Music’s debut came out in 1972, a revolution to anyone following Rock Music at this point in history.

If you have to box this music it was Art/Glam Rock ala David Bowie, but then again more unfamiliar and strange than what Bowie had done at this point. Early pre-new wave ? …….forget it, fair to say Roxy was mostly just Roxy.

On top of that was the image of the 1950s-style pin-up cover, quite crazy compared to what you would expect from a rock band at the time, and then the outfits sending signals in almost any thinkable direction. Ferry in glamour suit’s sending thoughts in direction of Las Vegas, Eno with his strange omnisexual look and Andy Mackay the 1950s rock and roller, won’t see much of his “type” again until Saturday Night Fever.

But that makes Rock Music so special on this early record is something that could easily break down so many other albums, a complete lack of direction. It seems like they took numerous ideas, like a painter just blindly throwing paint on a canvas and some miracle happened to unify the pieces into something bigger.

Off course this would not be possible if the band was not composed of so many brilliant individuals, Bryan Ferry song writing and vocal is just great, Phil Manzanera, Andy Mackay and Brian Eno a dream cast to back him up, making a wonderful debut album and with it, music history.

Let’s finish with Bryan Ferry’s tribute to Humphrey Bogart:

Here’s looking at you kid – Hard to forget

Here’s looking at you kid – At least not yet

Your memory stays, it lingers ever – Will fade away never

The John Paul Jones Story Part 4

In 1988 John Paul Jones created a track for Brian Eno’s “MUSIC FOR FILMS III” an album that contains ambient tracks from different artists (Daniel Lanois, Michael Brook, Harold Budd ect.), In 1992 Jones plays Piano on a track from Eno’s “Nerve Net.”

Jones with Eno, Fripp, and others on Nerve Net.

In late 1990, Jones produced, engineered, and performed most instruments, on his daughter Jacinda Jones album, recorded at Peter Gabriel‘s Real World Studio, but the album was never released. In 1992 Jones performed on a track from Peter Gabriel’s album US.

Jones : surdu, bass, keyboards. From “US”

Also in 1992 Jones made all the orchestral arrangements for R.E.M.’s  “Automatic for the People”, and produced alternative rock band Butthole Surfers “Independent Worm Saloon”.

Jones : Bass on Butthole Surfers “The Ballad of Naked Man”

Contributions by Robert

My first Fripp Friday in a while, today focused on some of the many albums in various styles, where Fripp has just participated on a few tracks, as a guest guitarist.

What a Fripp

Peter Hammil : Fripp played on some of “Van der Graaf Generator” early albums, as well as front man Peter Hammill’s first solo album “Fool’s Mate” (1972). Several track include contribution from Fripp, but I personally prefer the calm and beautiful “The Birds”, with it’s interplay between Hammil’s piano and Fripp’s guitar.

Blondie : Fripp played on a single track on Blondie’s 1978 album Parallel Lines, an album that was Blondie’s worldwide break. Blondie was an American Rock band, with roots in the mid 70’s New York’s Punk/New Wave underground, later developing into a more POP/Rock oriented band.

Talking Heads : Due to his close friend Eno’s involvement with the band, it is not surprising that Fripp would show up on a Talking Heads album, sooner or later, that happen on their second Eno production “Fear of Music” in 1979, on the original album, Fripp only plays on “I Zimbra”, but for Fripp enthusiast it a lot more fun, what he does on the alternate take of “Life During Wartime” released later on CD, although it seems the mix may be focusing too much on the guitar.

To be continued

Hidden 80’s Gems – Part 1 1980-1981

Those of us growing up with the supreme albums of the 70’s, time of the allmighty supergroups of Progressive Rock and Jazz/Rock Fussion, those devastated by the loss of Lenon and Zeppelin, tends to think of the 80’s as bullshit, remember the nightmare of watching Phil and Jon selling out on MTV. But that is just an ilusion, because there was a lot of crap in the 70’s, and there was a lot of good stuf in the 80’s, hidden in the boxes in the backest back of the record store. What I intend to do now, is pick one of those albums for every sorry year, from the dark age of music. (all characters appearing in the above post are fictitious)

1980 – Pere Ubu – The Art Of Walking
Pere Ubu’s version of new wave is truely unique, avantgarde experimental garage rock (or punk?)
Having made improvised noice for years, I was amused to find, that it was an artform in its own, and that some people was able to sell it. I had found hope, and faith !!

On The art of walking Ubu takes their music to the extreme abstraction, It is caos, but caos with a lot of beauty, drama, dreamy moods and a hole lot of humour. The album was my first Ubu so to this day its my favorite.

1981 – Brian Eno and David Byrne – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Another 80’s album, twisting my views on what music is, what in can do, and how its should be done.

As opose to the idear of (rock) music, as albums made by bands of 3-6 people, in studio sessions. This was something very diffrent, it was a collage of sounds, mixed together, to create a piece of art. It sounded like a trillion of samples played at the same time, and yet, it worked perfectly. Another game changing fact was, it was a totaly multi cultural mix, a milestone in the development of music in years to come.

Another Wierd World

Friday is Fripp day
What a Fripp
After working together at No Pussyfooting Fripp was again working with Brian Eno, on his mid 70’s Art Rock/Glam Rock albums. Starting with 3 tracks on ”Here Comes the Warm Jets” recorded in 73, and released in 74.
From Before and After Sience 1977

”Here Comes the Warm Jets” in my opinion is the funniest and best Art Rock album ever recorded, so ahead of it time, avantgarde and naive at the same time. Eno’s ability to create moods and unbelivable rythm pattern is stunning, ad Fripp soloing like mad, and it blows my mind. Its not nearly as easy listening as Roxy Music was, its definately an acquired taste, but its absolutely worth the effort.
From Here Comes the warm Jets 1974 (fan made video)

On Enos third solo album Another Green World from 1975 Fripp was again invited as Guest Guitarist. It marks Eno’s first attempt to move away from song based Art/Glam Rock towards instrumental music, Today seen as the transformation album pointing against Eno ambient era. At the time it was not recived well, most likely because the changes was too unexpected.
From Another Green World 1975

Today it is probably his highest praised album, and has often been on Rock media’s top album lists, like Roling Stones 500 greatest albums of all times, and New Musical Express list of greatest albums of the 70’s. Fripp again fires some stunning solo’s on the album.
From Another Green World 1975

Fripp also played on Eno’s “Before and After Sience” and “Music for Films”, Eno would later invite Fripp to works with him on a series of album he would produce for other artists, and they would make albums together, but that is material I will get back to later.
From Here Comes the warm Jets 1974

Fripp & Travis meets Eno & Fripp

Friday is Fripp day
What a Fripp
So lets Fripp out !!

While deeply involved with King Crimson, in 1972, Fripp was invited by Brian Eno to his home studio, with Eno’s new system , using two tape recorders, when a single sound was played, it was heard several seconds later at a lower volume level, then again several seconds later at a still lower level, and so on.
Fripp and Eno, got started, and created “The Heavenly Music Corporation,” Side One of “No Pussyfooting” released the following year, a proto-ambient masterpiece. The birth of Fripp’s journey, into ambient music.

The latest work have been his collaboration “Travis & Fripp”, with Theo Travis, British saxophonist and flautist. Where they use similar systems as Fripp & Eno did back in 1972, besides the fact that today everything is off course electronic.
The style is Ambient as many other of Fripp’s solo works have been, but with the more acoustic sound from flutes and other wind instruments played by Travis, this collaboration come out more soft.
Fripp have always been working a lot with improvising, and that is also the core of this project, but they have also reworked existing materials (“Moonchild” from the King Crimson debut ).

Travis and Fripp : When The Rains Fall – 2012
(there is a silent intro of about 40 sec., nothing wrong with your system)

There is no Youtube from No Pussyfooting atm. But this gives a good idear of the kind of music on the album.  (a live version of ‘The Heavenly Music Corporation’)