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The Stone Temple

The original COLOUR HAZE was founded in summer 1994 in Munich (Germany) by Stefan Koglek (Guitar, Vocal) – Christian Wiesner (Bass) and Tim Höfer (Drums)

By springtime the following year the first album was released, ”Chopping Machine”. The album was a bit messy in sound and somehow also direction, far from the refined sound of later albums, but a fine start with interesting perspectives.

After this first album the band went through some years of turbulence with no album releases and a brand new lineup with only one member left. The new lineup was existing member Stefan Koglek (Guitar, Vocal), Philipp Rasthofer (bass) and Mani Merwald (drums).

The new lineup released first album Periscope in 1999

This was the lineup that was to become Colour Haze right up to the present day with now 10 albums under their belt. From Periscope onwards they also found their core sound, a heavy stoner rock that would make them amongst the most celebrated bands on the continental European Stoner/Psych Rock scene.

Their 2006 album Tempel a favorite of mine. A must have album if you like this kind of music.

On their late 2000’s albums “Tempel” “All” and “She Said” they started to introduce guests on the album, tweaking the sound a little bit but without changing the core impression. Most notable on the album “She Said” with a long list of guests:

Carolin Roth, Lipa Majstrovic, Mario Knapp (Backing vocals) – Robert Schoosleitner (Chimes, shaker) – Ben Esen (Congas)  Christian Hawellek (Electric piano, Grand piano) Ellernquartett (Strings) Roman Bichler (Mellotron, Coir) Georg Weisbrodt (Trombone)

Title track from “She Said”, some may think it is too long – I’d say “absolutely not” it’s perfect.  (start very very slowly nothing wrong with your speakers/headset)


Their last album to this day was “In Her Garden” from 2017, might get back to that another time.