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Maynard is the “Tool” of the masses

James Herbert Keenan was born in Ohio (US) in 1964, today better known as Maynard James Keenan, front figure and vocalist in three important contempart American bands: Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer all at least in theory still active.

As I would consider Maynard one of my absolute favorite Rock vocalists, it is about time that I made some posts about his music, this will be the first also celebrating my 150 blog-post.

Maynard take on Elton John’s brilliant Rocket Man, Officially credited to Puscifer & Steven Drozd (Flaming Lips) – 2009

What I especialy like about Maynard music, is that even though he is clearly rooted in and famous for his Hard Rock/ Prog Metal work, he did not accept to get boxed in one genre. I won’t get into the contents of his lyrics too much not having english as my first language, but I can say that i truely enjoy the deep emotional expressions of his voice whether it is agressive, sensitive or licentious.

Maynard with David Bowie and John Frusciante on Bowie’s ”Bring Me The Disco King” used in the soundtrack album for Underworld (2013).

Maynard parrents divorced and from the age of three he only saw his father a few time a year, growing up in Ohio amongst what he referes to as dead people. The creative shift came when he moved to Michigan, living with his father during his highschole years, then three years in US army after which he studied at Kendall College of Art and Design in Michigan.

During the late 80’s Maynard started playing bass and singing in local bands in Michigan, but what was to catapult his career was the move he made in 1988, relocation to Los Angeles and meeting guitarist Adam Jones with whom he was soon to form Tool.

Maynard adding additional vocals to Deftones “Passenger”  (White Pony album from 2000)

Besides Maynard and Adam, the band was Danny Carey (drums) and Paul D’Amour (Bass). Two years after their formation the band was releasing their first recording the EP named Opiate, after Karl Marx: “Religion is the opium of the people”

The EP is composed of 7 tracks (the last one “hidden”) the album is Hard Rock/Metal with little sign of the progressive elements that Tool would develop later.

Explicit Content Warning !


The Makeup, The Music, The Boots, Bolan & Bowie

Glam, Part I
It is impossible to talk glam rock, without mentioning T.Rex first, due to the fact that it is widely accepted, that their performance on top of the pops march 1971, was the birth of the Glam rock scene. It seems not that “glam” when you look back at it, just a bit of glimmer beneath the eyes of Bolan.

But it took of very fast from there and soon the glam style was a lot more dominant in T.Rex performances.
Colorful clothes, heavy makeup and those awesome boots so popular in the early 70’s.

At this point David Bowie would combine his supreme songwriting, his ability to create a reliable stage persona, and taking the multi gender aspects of “Glam” to the extreme, launching the hugely successful “Ziggy Stardust Tour” 1972-1973 covering UK, US and Japan.

Bowie would become the most successful star of the glam era, as he would become the artist able to achieve major success both in UK and US, many other British glam stars would do well in Europe, but never make it in the US. Long after Glam had faded away Bowie have been able to reinvent his act, a living legend in music.



David Bowie (David Robert Jones)  passed away 10 January 2016.

Rest in peace.