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Dora Pejačević

Maria Theodora Paulina Pejačević was born 1885 in Budapest daughter of Count Teodor Pejačević and Baroness Lilla Vay de Vaya.

Pejačević, Dora

Usually refered to as Dora Pejačević or Pejacsevich, more or less self-taught in music the talented girl started to compose at the age of twelve, later she recived some private education in Zagreb, Dresden and Munich.

During her travels, Dora came to know some of the leading artists and intellectuals of the time and she was also interested in politics seemingly not comfortable with the attitude of the high class into which she was born.

Dora volunteered as a nurse helping the wounded soldiers in first world war, after the war she became increasingly critical of her class. She wrote to a friend: “I simply cannot understand how people can live without work and how many of them do, especially the higher aristocracy . . . . I despise them because of this.”

In 1921, Dora married Ottomar von Lumbe, a military officer seven years her junior. They settled in Munich, where Dora became pregnant with their first child. Four weeks after giving birth, Dora Pejačević died from kidney failure. True to her beliefs, she refused to be buried in the family crypt and requested a stone with just the words “Dora Rest Now”. Instead of flowers at the funeral she wanted money for the families of poor musicians.

Dora composed a considerable amount of work over her short lifetime , mostly in late-Romantic style, songs, piano works, chamber music and compositions for large orchestra. Her Symphony in F-sharp minor is considered the first modern symphony in Croatian music.