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The John Paul Jones Story Part 7

After his last solo album, Jones performed with various artists, folk artist Julie Felix, Prog legend Steve Hackett and others, produced New Zealand hard rocker’s The Datsuns 2nd album, before appearing on  Foo Fighters “In Your Honor” from 2005.

According to an article in Rolling Stone, band leader Grohl on Jones appearance : “If I say it’s the greatest thing that happened to me in my life, my wife will get mad, so it’s the second greatest.”

John Paul Jones – mandolin on “Another Round” from “In Your Honor”

Foo Fighters is an American band, formed in Seattle in 1994, by x-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl.

“In Your Honor “is a double album, with one hard electric part and one acoustic. Jones performs on two track, both on the acoustic part.

John Paul Jones –piano on “Miracle” from “In Your Honor”, (with Petra Haden – Violin)


Besides Jones the album has a number of other well-known guests Petra Haden known from lots of projects including  playing with The Decemberists, Green Day and many others, Norah Jones, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and more.

Josh Homme – rhythm guitar on “Razor” from “In Your Honor”