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Nursery Cryme

At their second album Trespass, Genesis found their style, the album was a lot better than their debut, but sort of inconsistent. On their 3.rd album “Nursery Cryme”, they made their first genuine masterpiece, the first in a series of great Genesis albums to come.

Up to the recording of Nursery Cryme, The band grew creatively, hiring Phil Collins who was looking for an active band, and Genesis definitely could use this supreme drummer who also was a great backup singer for Peter Gabriel. They was also hiring the imaginative and talented, very classic inspires guitarist Steve Hackett. Together with founding members Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford, this lineup was to become the legendary Genesis progressive flagship up to the departure of Peter Gabriel in 1975.

Genesis bought King Crimsons Mellotron prior to the recording of Nursery Cryme, which would come to full use on the album. Creating a fully “symphonic” sound, combined with the surreal lyrics.
Delicate and beautiful in the details, but also heavy and even scary at moments, Nursery Cryme was a brilliant album, and with this album Genesis marks their position as one of the top Progressive Rock band of the early 70’s.