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Shouldn’t throw stones!

In my series of early 70’s masterpieces, I have come to Gentle Giant.

As with most of the 70’s masters, I could easily have picked another album first, especially Octopus would fulfil the masterpiece requirement perfectly, in fact most Gentle Giant albums would.

The reason I pick In a Glass House is that this was where I first heard them.

The first few times I thought it was Genesis, can still remember saying “play some Genesis” – “which one” – “the one with the glasses”. I was of course corrected, but everyone knew what I was talking about.

Gentle Giant originated from a series of different named pop band formed in 1966-1969 by the Shulman brothers, Phil, Derek and Ray.

In 1970 they teamed with Gary Green and classically trained Kerry Minnear to form Gentle Giant, one of the less famous but highly talented, complex and sophisticated progressive rock band, a band that I have personally listened to uncountable times, every time surprised just how great they really are.

Looking through the window can you tell me what you see

You’re sure you’re really seeing what is meant to be a Glass

A mirror to reflect what I conspire a vision, image I desire  


Older brother Phil quite the band before they started creating In a Glass House, the remaining four members was multi instrumentalists, but even so it meant a slight change towards a more rock orientated sound compared to their older material.

But even if In a Glass House is a bit friendlier to the Rock orientated ear, there is no lack of unfamiliar time signature, tempo changes or mysterious ancient moods. Gentle Giant did not change much they just evolved a little.

You’ll try to question her, 

Does she believe in the choice of Your life.

So you have to try to ask her, when you are away, left 

Behind, out of mind; away.