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Akuma Kogure – Evil spirit of japanese glam metal

Demon Kakka (デーモン閣下) previously known as Demon Kogure (デーモン小暮閣)Is an Akuma, an evil kami (spirit) masquerading in the human realm. Born 98,038 years before Western civilizations calendar began, in Downtown Jigoku, a realm reserved for humans who are brought here and punished for disobeying the rules of Makai, a place of terror and suffering for humans, a place of merrymaking and joviality for Akuma’s.

As Demon Kogure

In the Human world he is Japanese musician, singer, songwriter, actor, author, television/radio personality, music and stage producer, motion picture and music video director, critic, etc.

As Demon Kogure

He was the frontman of the heavy metal band Seikima-II from 1982–1999, his solo music is very varied, ranging from pop to metal, often with a clear japanese flavor. He is known to always work entirely in character.

With Seikima-II

Demon has released 12 albums with Seikima-II, 9 solo albums under various names, 5 VHS/DVD’s, appeared in video games, made game music, was the voiceover for The Joker (Jack Nicholson) in Japanese version of Batman, and have made guest performances on a series of albums. In 1994 Demon appeared on Larry King Live, becoming the first Japanese musician to do so.

As “His Excellency Demon Kakka” performing King Crimson’s “The Court of the Crimson King” from 1969

Billion dollar Horror Baby

Glam Rock part IV
In the late 60’s early Seventies Alice Cooper got the idea of an atypical glam rock approach, a horror movie inspired Shock Glam Show and image, they impressed Frank Zappa at an audition, and got a record deal on his label. Alice Cooper released two unsuccessful albums, “ We were into fun, sex, death and money when everybody was into peace and love”.

Billion Dollar Babies 1973

Their 3.rd album “Love it to Death” 1971, was a change in style, from a Pink Floyd inspired psychedelic style of rock, they changed into a short track rock style, more in line with the style of Rolling Stones, The Who or even Beatles. The album became them their first hit, with single “I’m Eighteen”, and now Alice Cooper got a gigger contract, had developed a full blown Horror stage show, and continued to have successful albums and singles, first a major single hit with School’s Out, from 1972, the year after a major album hit with “Billion Dollar Babies” making album chart no.1 in both US and UK.

Schools Out

At this point Alice Cooper was renowned for their stage shows, the combination of offensive lyrics, with undertones of sex and violence, combined with theatrical horror shows with torture instruments, beheaded mannequins and so on , Alice Cooper was as political incorrect as they could possibly by, making them just even more popular with the fans, and hated by the kids parents, not to mention everyone trying to make rock music serious and intellectual.

Steven, Originally From “Welcome to my Nightmare 1975”

Alice Cooper made it look so easy, that we tend to forget how ahead of his (their) time this was, and how influential Coopers stage presence would be on generations to come, so many acts have taken inspiration from his stage shows, from Glam via Punk to Metal, many different bands have covered his songs, and even Bob Dylan have stated Alice Cooper to be an overlooked songwriter. Salvador Dali was a fan, and made a hologram : “first Cylindric Chromo-Hologram Portrait of Alice Cooper’s Brain”.

Wake the Dead from Along came a spider, 2008, (feat. Ozzy Osbourne) fan made video
Alice Cooper have continued creating albums and touring into the new millennium, he is also openly working with helping other Rock musicians out of drug and alcohol abuse.
From: Billion Dollar Babies 1973

Another Wierd World

Friday is Fripp day
What a Fripp
After working together at No Pussyfooting Fripp was again working with Brian Eno, on his mid 70’s Art Rock/Glam Rock albums. Starting with 3 tracks on ”Here Comes the Warm Jets” recorded in 73, and released in 74.
From Before and After Sience 1977

”Here Comes the Warm Jets” in my opinion is the funniest and best Art Rock album ever recorded, so ahead of it time, avantgarde and naive at the same time. Eno’s ability to create moods and unbelivable rythm pattern is stunning, ad Fripp soloing like mad, and it blows my mind. Its not nearly as easy listening as Roxy Music was, its definately an acquired taste, but its absolutely worth the effort.
From Here Comes the warm Jets 1974 (fan made video)

On Enos third solo album Another Green World from 1975 Fripp was again invited as Guest Guitarist. It marks Eno’s first attempt to move away from song based Art/Glam Rock towards instrumental music, Today seen as the transformation album pointing against Eno ambient era. At the time it was not recived well, most likely because the changes was too unexpected.
From Another Green World 1975

Today it is probably his highest praised album, and has often been on Rock media’s top album lists, like Roling Stones 500 greatest albums of all times, and New Musical Express list of greatest albums of the 70’s. Fripp again fires some stunning solo’s on the album.
From Another Green World 1975

Fripp also played on Eno’s “Before and After Sience” and “Music for Films”, Eno would later invite Fripp to works with him on a series of album he would produce for other artists, and they would make albums together, but that is material I will get back to later.
From Here Comes the warm Jets 1974

Sweet and Quatro – Chinn and Chapman Glam Factory

Glam Rock part III
Chinn and Chapman was a team of producer/songwriters, very successful during and after the Glam era. New World, Sweet, Mud, Suzi Quatro, Smokie and more, had UK Singles Chart hits, written by the duo.

Sweet was a serious rock band, having played together for quite some time, when they started playing Chinn and Chapman lollipop tracks, directly aimed at chart success with a very young audience and without much artistic ambition.

But fast Sweet managed to develop their personal much heavier guitar sound, and even though they still mostly made Chinn and Chapman singles, they had many self-written tracks on their albums. Even the Chinn and Chapman singles, like The Ballroom Blitz and Block Buster had not that much lollipop left in them.

“Fox on the Run” first recorded in 1974, was unusual for a Sweet single, being written by the band rather than producers, and became a major hit in many countries. This kind of Rock tracks by Sweet, may be said to have predicted Hair Metal by half a decade. But Sweet was a Chinn and Chapman fabrication, a product aimed directly at the single charts, and none of their album, ever had the success, their Chinn and Chapman singles did.
Many of the same thing can be said about the “Queen” of Glam, Suzi Quatro, she was co-writing many tracks with her guitarist, but almost every hit, was a Chinn and Chapman song. And Like Sweet she did not get the album sales you might expect, with several number one single hits in UK.

Slade – Hear Them Calling

Glam Rock part II,
One of the bestselling Glam Rock, bands in early 70’s was Slade, making lots of high charting singles and albums, 17 top 20 hits between 1971 and 1976, made them the band selling the most singles in UK during the 70’s.

Slade was the hard, raw garage sound, working class anti-intellectual and anarchistic attitude, Glam Rockers. A string of notable Punk/Metal/Grunge band members have been cited to have been influenced by Slade and Holders vocal style, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, the Ramones, Sex Pistols, the Clash, Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, Oasis, ect. ect. If Slade makes you think “Christmas” you missed out on some important classic albums !!, I suggest you start with “Slade Alive”

Ozzy Osbourne : “Noddy Holder’s got one of greatest voices in rock ever.”

In 1974 Slade made a film, Slade in flame, and a soundtrack album, even though today I may seem to hold some of Slade’s best tracks, it did not Peak as high on the charts as expected, and only one single “Far Far Away” was very successful. Noel Gallagher of Oasis claimed the track “How Does It Feel”: “one of the best songs written, in the history of pop, ever”. But at the time it only peaked at 15th on the charts.

After the film, Slade moved all their equipment to the US, aiming to make the break overseas by touring.
But they never did break the US, and lost their home base in the attempt. Later they had a comeback with a Heavy Metal following, again getting attention for their raw and clean cut energy as a live band, but that is another story.

The Makeup, The Music, The Boots, Bolan & Bowie

Glam, Part I
It is impossible to talk glam rock, without mentioning T.Rex first, due to the fact that it is widely accepted, that their performance on top of the pops march 1971, was the birth of the Glam rock scene. It seems not that “glam” when you look back at it, just a bit of glimmer beneath the eyes of Bolan.

But it took of very fast from there and soon the glam style was a lot more dominant in T.Rex performances.
Colorful clothes, heavy makeup and those awesome boots so popular in the early 70’s.

At this point David Bowie would combine his supreme songwriting, his ability to create a reliable stage persona, and taking the multi gender aspects of “Glam” to the extreme, launching the hugely successful “Ziggy Stardust Tour” 1972-1973 covering UK, US and Japan.

Bowie would become the most successful star of the glam era, as he would become the artist able to achieve major success both in UK and US, many other British glam stars would do well in Europe, but never make it in the US. Long after Glam had faded away Bowie have been able to reinvent his act, a living legend in music.



David Bowie (David Robert Jones)  passed away 10 January 2016.

Rest in peace.