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Green Carnation

“Masters of Darkness” – Part 1
Scandinavia is cold in winter times, and not only that, there is very little light, very short days. No wonder the Rock Music coming from these parts of the world, is often very dark, in a seemingly honest deep felt way.
Lets listen to some of these masters of darkness.

From The Acoustic Verses 2006

“Green Carnation” was originally a Norwegian Doom Metal band, but they changes styles over every album, covering a wide spectrum of styles within the range of Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal. The final release (so far?) The Acoustic Verses, being a dark, but soft, acoustic rock album, with folk elements.
Green Carnation was formed from members of the experimental/progressive metal band “In The Woods…..”
Green Carnation split up in 2007, but the front man Tchort, has announced an album “The Rise and Fall of Mankind “ to be released at some point.

From “The Quiet Offspring 2005”

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