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Holy Sons and Grails

Holy Sons : “Payoff” from Survivalist Tales 2010

Holy Sons is a solo project from Emil Amos, Home studio recordings by the drummer/mulit-instrumentalist known for his work with Grails, OM and others. It is said that Amos has been home recording more than 1000 songs, since he started the home studio projects in 1992. Not working in any distinct genre, Amos travels around in a dream world of genres, rooted in a low-fi psychedelic singer/songwriter tradition.

Holy Sons : “Chapter must be closed” from Survivalist Tales 2010

Grails is an Instrumental, post-rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock, band from Oregon US. Originally formed as “Laurel Canyon” by Emil Amos, guitarists Alex Hall and Paul Spitz. The band have reformed over the years, today they are four members, Amos, Hall, Keyboard and Bass player Bill Slater and Guitarist William Zakary Riles.

Grails : “Stoned at the Taj Again” – from – Take Refuge in Clean Living 2008

Grails have released a series of albums with their instrumental experimental stoner rock. Their last full length album was “Deep Politics” from 2011, at this album, they seem to have moved a little from the previous soundscape of psychedelic, now exploring a clear polished sound and incorporating more styles into the mix.

Grails : “Deep Politics” – from – Deep Politics 2011