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Desert, Revolution and Cold Wine.

Ghost on Ghost is an album released in spring 2013, by American singer-songwriter known by stage name “Iron & Wine”, “Iron & Wine” born Samuel Ervin Beam is known to create music and songs in what is usually called “Indie Folk” or “Folk Rock” in line with artist like Bon Iver or The Decemberists.

But what I particular like about this album, is that it expands a lot on the genre especially with strong Jazz elements. Adding jazz drummers Brian Blade and Kenny Wollesen, also Saxophone’s, Trumpet, Cornet, Alto Horn, Trombone and Upright Bass appears on the album, with a long list of guest musicians with Jazz as well as Classical music backgrounds.

Samuel Ervin Beam put it something like this, in an interview with SPIN back in 2013

Elements of ’60s and ’70s R&B and of Charles Mingus’s music. It was fun to combine the two in Lover’s Revolution, Desert Babbler sounds a lot like Marvin Gaye……, country elements and gospel elements, so the influences get mashed together.

This fine and crafted mix of music, centered around Iron & Wine’s straight forward but nice and relaxed songwriting, makes for a laid back music perfectly fitting a cold glass of White Wine or Rose  on a hot summer day, and that is what we got in my region right now.