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2013 – Highlights – Deceased

Ray Manzarek died May 20 2013, age 74

He co-founded “The Doors” in 1965 after meeting Jim Morrison a fellow student at a theater school in Los Angeles. The band debuted in 1966, and made 6 best selling album, the last one “L. A. Women” in 1971.

To me, Manzarek defines the keyboard sound of the late 60’s Rock, his innovative style and sound, fits wonderfully with Morrison’s vocal. The fact that there is no permanent bass player in “the Doors” is just stunning, because you don’t miss anything, Manzarek played the bass lines on a Fender Rhodes piano bass, while playing his “Vox” or “Gibson” organ with the other hand.

I don’t know how to describe the sound of the doors, they are in a league of their own, beyond any genre or style defitition. But this clip should give an idear.

Morrison died in 1971, 27 years old.