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Crimson – Playing Indoor Games

Friday is Fripp day.

After opening the doors of Symphonic Rock wide open, with the milestone album, In the Court of the Crimson King: An Observation by King Crimson in 1969, and paving the way for what was to become the super groups of Progressive Symphonic Rock, “Emerson, Lake & Palmer” , “Yes” and “Genesis”. Fripp and with him King Crimson already in 1970, left Symphonic Progressive Rock, for good, with Lizard. So what did we get instead? In my opinion something even better, Lizard is a combination of inspirations, from so many sources in music, and performed to excellence.

Now let us start from the beginning : Cirkus.

The insane amounts of layers, the combination of Rock Drums , Symphonic layers of mellotron, the extremely odd-beat acoustic guitar (Fripp), the saxophone (Mel Collins) and the absurd song itself.
A massive opener as close to avant-garde jazz as it is to Rock. Lizard may almost be seen as a genre of its own. Critics may with good reason say; this is way too complicated for Rock music, I would answer, yes but is it Rock music. ? Or rather I have no idea what the hell it is. I just want more!

Night: her sable dome scattered with diamonds
Fused my dust from a light year
Squeezed me to her breast, sewed me with carbon
Strung my warp across time

There are presently no video from of the album version of Indoor Games, but this is a trio version from the recording session.

Indoor Games, a bit lighter in texture than Circus, due to the more structured melody in the vocals.
But we are not listening to your everyday car radio rock, things are still very complex, odd tempo, and the instruments seem often to play up against each other, as much as together.
“Indoor fireworks amuse your kitchen staff” quite a sing along by the bonfire, just that I don’t know anyone who could play this. This time Fripp plays wonder on both electric and acoustic guitar.

To be continued.