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Winter Journey (part 2)

After my view on Winter as a theme in classical music.
I will move on, and listen to some “Winter Blues“. First this fine example of Chicago urban blues, the style of blues that would later be very influential on the British blues movement (Zeppelin,Clapton,Stones ect.)

Kokomo Arnold : Cold Winter Blues. (1937)


Kokomo Arnold (1901-1968), was born in Georgia, started his music career in Buffalo. But due to his main occupation of transporting alcohol under the Prohibition, he mainly recorded in Chicago. Arnold played bottleneck slide guitar. Most of his recorded material is solo work with just vocals and the guitar.

Another early blues legend, playing the winter blues, was Blind Willie McTell (1898-159). William Samuel McTier was a East Coast blues guitarist, playing the Piedmont fingerstyle on twelve-string guitar, with a unique soft vocal.

‘Cold Winter Day’ recorded 1935.

McTell have influenced and been covered by The Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Taj Mahal, Jack White and more. Bob Dylan’s “Blind Willie McTell”, paid tribute to McTell.

Last but not least, this wonderful winter blues by Muddy Water (1913 – 1983) The father of modern Chicago blues, hugely influential on modern blues in general, and especially Blues Rock.

Muddy Waters – Cold Weather Blues