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In the previous post about Maynard, I did end with the first TOOL ep, but that was not the first recorded material with Maynard.

He recorded in Michigan with “TexA.N.S.” aka Tex & the Anti Nazi Squad (1984-85) as bassist and later with “Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty” (1986-87) as vocalist and at first also bass and drum machine. These recordings was self-released on cassette. Also a VHS was made with “Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty”, can be found on YouTube but the quality rather hopeless.

So back to TOOL

1993 saw the release of their first full length album Undertow, looking in the rearview mirror the album may not be TOOL’s best, but it paved the way for TOOL’s success not to mention a whole new brand of Heavy Metal, with intelligent lyrics and music, some would call Progressive Metal.

Peaking at Number 50 on the Billboard 200 and selling 2 million plus copies in the U.S. alone.

Not only the music was different, the image and lyrics was also distinctly different from the Metal Scene at the time. Maynard explains to “Rolling Stone” :

“We were trying to get past all the hair bands and these poofy-haired idiots that were doing their thing…There was a great underground movement of music in L.A….. we were really bonding together with them to fight against and create a new scene we felt was more worthwhile.”

The album touch a lot of ground, mostly dark desperate angry emotions musically as well as lyrically. Less calm and meditative than their later albums, and maybe more fitting for the less “progressive orientated” metal listener, but still with a fine artistic integrity.

An this album the band is:

Maynard James Keenan – vocals

Adam Jones – guitar, sitar

Paul D’Amour – bass guitar

Danny Carey – drums