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Daphnis et Chloé

Joseph-Maurice Ravel (1875 –1937) was one of the most influential composers of the early twentieth century, often like Debussy related to what was called music impressionism, a term both of them disliked, calling it the invention of the critics.
Ravel cannot be “classified” stylistically to belong to any particular genre, he flirted with many aspects of music and was influenced by many sources, classics like Bach and Mozart, Spanish Folk, and even American Jazz and Blues.

One of Ravel major works, is “Daphnis et Chloé”, a ballet written for the The Ballets Russes, who had major success in Paris at the time. At around 55 minutes “Daphnis et Chloé” is Ravel’s longest work, and it is scored for a large orchestra.
Ravel began work on the score in 1909 and it premiered June 8, 1912. Its impact was not impressive at the time, at least in comparison with Stravinsky’s L’Oiseau de feu and Petrouchka, performed the previous two seasons of the Ballets Russes.
But Daphnis et Chloé had its great success in concerts performances, and Ravel extracted music from the ballet to make two orchestral suites, without chorus.