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The tundra’s of Winter Rock

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Now to a Rock classics about winter, taken from The Rolling Stones, 1971 album Goats Head Soup.

Winter was officially credited to singer Jagger/Richards, but it is likely the work of Jagger and lead guitarist at the time, Mick Taylor. It was the first song recorded for the album and does not feature Richards at all. There is a deep melancholy, in this ballad, underlined by the strings, Mick Taylors guitar, and Jaggers vocal. They perfectly catch the desperation and sadness, winter can represent.

Now, after all this way to serious music, luckily there is also a funny side of winter :

In Rock music the funny approach to winter , was most excellently put on Record by Frank Zappa, on his famous 1974 album, Apostrophe (‘), in “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow Suite” a story about “Nanook the Eskimo” and “The Fur Trapper”, running over the first four tracks of the album.
With the Eclecticism of Zappa’s music, I am not going to try describing that, I just hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Frank Zappa : “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow Suite” first two tracks.

(The video is not a Zappa original, but it is a perfect fit)