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Holy Sons and Grails

Holy Sons : “Payoff” from Survivalist Tales 2010

Holy Sons is a solo project from Emil Amos, Home studio recordings by the drummer/mulit-instrumentalist known for his work with Grails, OM and others. It is said that Amos has been home recording more than 1000 songs, since he started the home studio projects in 1992. Not working in any distinct genre, Amos travels around in a dream world of genres, rooted in a low-fi psychedelic singer/songwriter tradition.

Holy Sons : “Chapter must be closed” from Survivalist Tales 2010

Grails is an Instrumental, post-rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock, band from Oregon US. Originally formed as “Laurel Canyon” by Emil Amos, guitarists Alex Hall and Paul Spitz. The band have reformed over the years, today they are four members, Amos, Hall, Keyboard and Bass player Bill Slater and Guitarist William Zakary Riles.

Grails : “Stoned at the Taj Again” – from – Take Refuge in Clean Living 2008

Grails have released a series of albums with their instrumental experimental stoner rock. Their last full length album was “Deep Politics” from 2011, at this album, they seem to have moved a little from the previous soundscape of psychedelic, now exploring a clear polished sound and incorporating more styles into the mix.

Grails : “Deep Politics” – from – Deep Politics 2011

Peyroux, Spalding, Hiromi Corea & Clarke

Today I will listen to some present female Jazz singers and preformers.
First Madeleine Peyroux, with her own song “Instead” from her album Bare Bones (2009). The song have a nice retro feeling, according to Peyroux, it is a reminder of how we should enjoy life and the things we have.

Madeleine Peyroux is an American Jazz/blues singer/songwriter, notable for her retro stripped down style. A one of a kind singer/songwriter filling the shoes of Joni Michell, with a very special voice, often compared to Billie Holiday. She moved to Paris at age 13 and began singing in the Latin Quarter, at age 15.
Her albums often contain cover songs mixed with her own compositions.

Now Esperanza Spalding, preforming “Radio Song” from her 2012 album, Radio Music Society

Esperanza Spalding is an American jazz bassist, cellist and singer. Her father is African American and her mother is of Welsh, Native American, and Hispanic descent.Mostly know to play Jazz, but also playing some blues, funk, hip-hop, pop fusion, and Brazilian and Afro-Cuban styles. In 2011, Esperanza received one of the music industry’s most prestigious prizes, the Grammy for Best New Artist.

Hiromi Uehara (上原ひろみ) is a composer and pianist born in Hamamatsu, Japan. Known for her superior keyboard technique, by age 12, she was performing in public, sometimes with very high-profile orchestras. When she was 14, she went to Czechoslovakia and played with the Czech Philharmonic. Age 17 she performed an improvised session with Chick Corea, when asked to join him onstage in Tokyo.

Chick Corea & Hiromi Uehara – Summertime

Regarding her style and what inspires Hiromi, she says : “I don’t want to put a name on my music, It has some elements of classical music, it has some rock, it has some jazz, but I don’t want to give it a name.” and “Some people dig jazz, some people dig classical music, some people dig rock. Everyone is so concerned about who they like. They always say, ‘This guy is the best,’ ‘No, this guy is the best.’ But I think everyone is great”….. “I love Bach, I love Oscar Peterson, , I love Franz Liszt, I love Ahmad Jamal, I also love people like Sly and the Family Stone, Dream Theatre and King Crimson.”
Last but not least, Hiromi with legendary bassist Stanley Clarke.

Words of winter and snow

Last but not least, a couple of female singer song withers, words about winter and snow.

Tori Amos, performing a very emotional live version of her hit from 1992.

Wither is song about daughter father relations. In this case winter seems to represent pleasant memories, a number of different winter metaphors are used throughout the song. Winter was released as a single from her debut solo album Little Earthquakes.

Finaly Kate Bush, literally making up 50 words for snow, on the title track of her latest album, 8.30 minutes ,with probably the most absurd lyrics Kate ever put to record : 43 deep’nhidden, 44 bad for trains, 45 shovelcrusted, 46 anechoic, 47 blown from polar fur.
Narrated by the famous British actor and TV host, Stephen Fry.

The End

Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter

It’s a beautiful and cold morning around here, sunshine but very windy. And what could be more perfect for such a Sunday morning than: “Joni Mitchell – Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter” ,1977, and not only a track or two, but the complete double album.

“Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter” is a Joni Mitchell solo album, but it is as much a collaboration with one of the best bassists Jazz have ever seen, Jaco Pastorius. The album is the culmination of Joni’s earlier efforts to combine her folk tradition, with other styles. On Don Juan’s her masterful poetry, her catchy folk songwriting, and the experimentation and fusion with Jazz, reaches new heights.

Joni Mitchell, (born Roberta Joan Anderson, 1943), is a Canadian musician, and painter.
Starting out as a folk singer songwriter, but exploring various other styles through her career. She has worked with a series of notable musicians, from Peter Gabriel to Herbie Hancock, and even more have been inspired by her works.

Jaco Pastorius, (born John Francis Anthony Pastorius III (1951 –1987) was an American bass player. He is best known for his work with Jazz Fusion group Weather Report. He redefined the role of the electric bass with his creative solo’s. Pastorius died on September 21, 1987, only 35 years old.

Happy New Year ! – playlist. Track 7

Time for a drink, I will take a rest from the dance floor and drink a bourbon, just sit there, relax, and watch the couples slow dance to this nice piece of American folk music. Close my eyes for a sec and imagine im in a bar way out west.

The piece is from Cass McCombs’ seventh full-length album, Big Wheel and Others. Released Oct. 15 2013