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Why listen to difficult and avant-garde Music.

I have always been interested in music, as long as I can recall. Unaware of why, especially music that was not played on the radio, music that was not mainly made for dancing, music that was not easy to sing along to, in the bathroom.

Recently I have been thinking about why that is, why would you want to dig into difficult music, that may at first seem like just noise or even worse, that may at first stress you up a bit. When you could just pick a simple tune, pleasant and easy to dig out and like.


I have come up with some answers to that. Some answers that I believe could explain to others, why they should do the same, turn of FM radio, and start listen to complex Classic music, Jazz, 70’s Progressive Rock, and avant-garde experimental music in general.

The first answer that I thought about, was the analog to other things you want to do as ahobby. If you should play golf, would you prefer the easy par 3 courses, or would you prefer to play the difficult 18 holes courses, if you should go skiing, would you prefer the easy hill, or would you want to try the Alpes.

All of us I guess, would allways have more fun, with the harder task, because it is more rewarding to complete a task, if it was hard to do, why would that be any different with music. Digging into a difficult genre of music, that you don’t know, is a hard task, the rewards found there so much more satisfying.

Another reason is from an art point of view, listening to FM radio hits, in that perspective is like looking at paintings mass produces for tourists, its only made to please the receiver so that it is easy to sell, with little or no artistic ambition. Only the music expanding adding or commenting, on the culture of its time, will ever become great music. Just as it will be and have always been in the other arts.

All this said,there is nothing wrong with pop music, mainstream rock, or other music that just continues an already established genre, but if you want music to blow your minds off, you should try to explore the edge of music, if you get it, its amassing.

Danish Band Svin combines styles such as jazz, alternative rock, post rock and free jazz.”