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Sweet and Quatro – Chinn and Chapman Glam Factory

Glam Rock part III
Chinn and Chapman was a team of producer/songwriters, very successful during and after the Glam era. New World, Sweet, Mud, Suzi Quatro, Smokie and more, had UK Singles Chart hits, written by the duo.

Sweet was a serious rock band, having played together for quite some time, when they started playing Chinn and Chapman lollipop tracks, directly aimed at chart success with a very young audience and without much artistic ambition.

But fast Sweet managed to develop their personal much heavier guitar sound, and even though they still mostly made Chinn and Chapman singles, they had many self-written tracks on their albums. Even the Chinn and Chapman singles, like The Ballroom Blitz and Block Buster had not that much lollipop left in them.

“Fox on the Run” first recorded in 1974, was unusual for a Sweet single, being written by the band rather than producers, and became a major hit in many countries. This kind of Rock tracks by Sweet, may be said to have predicted Hair Metal by half a decade. But Sweet was a Chinn and Chapman fabrication, a product aimed directly at the single charts, and none of their album, ever had the success, their Chinn and Chapman singles did.
Many of the same thing can be said about the “Queen” of Glam, Suzi Quatro, she was co-writing many tracks with her guitarist, but almost every hit, was a Chinn and Chapman song. And Like Sweet she did not get the album sales you might expect, with several number one single hits in UK.