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The John Paul Jones Story Part 6

In 2001 Jones released his 2nd solo album “The Thunderthief”, again  on Fripp’s DGM label. Again he produced the album, and played a lot of different instruments : vocals, 12-string bass guitars, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, electric mandolin, piano, organ, synthesizer, Kyma, koto, autoharp, ukelele, harmonica. With Terl Bryant (Iona) on drums. Nick Beggs, Stick on two track, Adam Bomb/Robert Fripp – guitar solo on one track each.

John Paul Jones, with Robert Fripp (solo guitar).

The album is mostly is line with what was created on Zooma, maybe a bit lighter, partly because we have got vocals on this one, partly because the material might be just a tiny bit more easy to grasp. Again all in all a very varied album.

Jones was touring “The Thunderthief”, A trio with Nick Beggs and  Terl Bryant, opening for King Crimson.


With his impressive solo albums Jones has proven ready to experiment and explore new territories, definitely showing him as the most avant-grade and experimental Zeppelin member, and a very diverse and skilled musician. “The Thunderthief” was Jones last solo album so far, but it is not the end of his story.