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Winter Tale’s of Jazz

After listening to some of those blues masters, take on winter :

Now would be a time to find some Jazz, about winter, cold or ice.
Jazz seems to be having a notably more light approach to winter, than the one we got from the blues.
How about this “Winter Tale”, an uplifting piece by The Modern Jazz Quartet, from their 1963 album, “A Quartet Is a Quartet Is a Quartet”.

After starting as the backing for Dizzy Gillespie, The Modern Jazz Quartet became a Jazz group, playing mostly bop, swing and cool jazz. With just a change in drummer (1955) the group played together from 1952-1974 and again from 1981-1994, unusual for a Jazz group, playing together for that many years.

A more resent take on Winter, is Japanese Jazz pianist, Yoshiko Kishino’s “Message From Snow” from her 1997 album Rendez-Vous, Produced by Philippe Saisse, and recorded in New York. Yoshiko Kishino had started playing the piano when she was three, later she studied classical music, and soon after graduation from Toho Gakuen School of Music, she formed her own group.