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Tim Buckley

Timothy Charles Buckley III, was born in Amsterdam, New York on Valentine’s Day, 1947
Buckley has covered an impressive range of styles, from a folk base, he explored Psychedelia, Jazz, Avant-garde, Funk and Soul over the 9 albums he made from 1966-1974, before he died of a heroin overdose only 28 years old.

His great vocal capacities, and his song writing deserves a lot more attention that it got back in its day. His highest peaking album was “Happy Sad” at 81, on billboard 200, most of his production was released without much success.

Today he’s legacy is a lot more valued, Allmusic rated 6 of his album 4 stars or more, out of 5.
His song “Song to the Siren” have been covered by a lot of artists, Damon and Naomi, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Half Man Half Biscuit, Sinéad O’Connor, Bryan Ferry amongst others. A tribute album, was released in 2000.

Tim’s son Jeff Buckley went on to mount a promising musical career as well before his own tragic death in 1997, but that is a totally different story.