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Contributions by Robert (part III)

Ronnie Urini

In 1984 Fripp played mellotron on Austrian new wave/postpunk band “Ronnie Urini & die letzten Poeten” 7″ single 1001 Nacht.

Robert Fripp married English singer and actress Toyah Ann Willcox in 1986, so it would be only natural that he would appear on some of her work. That happened for the first time on her second solo album Desire from 1987, Toyah and Fripp have worked together many times since then.

TOYAH & THE HUMANS (Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong) with Fripp (2009)

“Fun Factory” is a single by English Punk band “The Damned”, released in 1990. “Fun Factory”, was recorded back in 1982 but was not released because Damned’s record company Bronze Records went bankrupt in 1983. The track was not on a “Damned” album, but has been issued on several compilations. Fripp plays Guitar on the track.